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It is our sincere wish to provide some of the best quality engineered products to the vast market of confidential clients we produce for.
We pledge our best and brightest innovations and services reserved for only you. The clients we serve.

We are currently updating our news and product release section to better suit or clients.
Dr. Childs

TLC Precision Wafer Technology
is a leader in providing quality reliable and innovative high performance millimeter-wave products to customers in the millimeter-wave and high-speed photonic industries. This includes military and commercial telecommunications, security and automotive electronic and other applications.

Our vision is to be recognized as an innovative company meeting the growing needs for increased power, speed and reliable millimeter-wave/microwave products. We will provide our customers a competitive advantage with an elite collection of products and technical support. TLC Precision Wafer Technology, Inc. will continue to be a sound, high integrity-based business. We extend trustworthy dealings providing both customers and
employees valuable and dependable relationships.

TLC's mission and charter is to contribute to the advancement of millimeter-wave
technology for military and commercial applications worldwide.


MMW MMIC Integrated Module Solutions.
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